Planning and Zoning Maps

Planning and Zoning Maps
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It is important to understand that Weber County makes NO representation regarding completeness or accuracy of the data in the databases, links, maps, datasets or data extraction procedures provided herein. Efforts are made to verify the data and keep it updated. However, with datasets and databases of this size, eliminating all errors is difficult. Thus, the user assumes total responsibility for verification. All maps, datasets, tables or print outs generated by the Gizmo or any other web page linked to it are unofficial. The user assumes total responsibility to verify everything extracted from the Gizmo with the appropriate departments within Weber County. Parcel lines are approximate, and are always being updated and refined.

The Weber County GIS Division maintains the Geo Gizmo. The data extracted in the tables generated are extracted from databases maintained by the Weber County Assessor and Recorder Offices. Any questions concerning property value information should be directed to the Assessor's Office at 399-8572. Any questions concerning property ownership, address, tax unit, legal description information or plat maps should be directed to the Recorder's Office at 399-8441.

By selecting the link above, you agree to and have read and understand the limitations and unofficial status of all data generated or extracted by the Geo Gizmo as listed on this page.

Form-Based Zone Street Regulating Plan Maps