Dark Sky Lighting

Quick Guide to Dark Sky Lighting
Protect the night sky. Protect community character.
Outdoor Lighting Ordinance

A key principle of the Western Weber General Plan and the Ogden Valley General Plan is the protection of the night sky. A dark sky is a cornerstone to the community's charm.

There are many ways to help protect the night sky that are reasonable and cost effective. This guide is intended to assist you in doing your part to preserve the night sky.

Weber County has adopted the following requirements in an outdoor lighting ordinance for Ogden Valley:

  • Existing Residences: Lighting fixtures are allowed to remain for all existing residential uses. Replacement fixtures, if ever needed, are required to be night sky friendly.
  • Existing Commercial Property: Lighting fixtures are allowed to remain for all existing residential uses. Replacement fixtures, if ever nee
  • New Construction: Lighting fixtures are required to be night sky friendly
  • Meaning of "night sky friendly": If in doubt, look for the International Dark-Sky Association logo on the fixture packaging. All IDA approved fixtures will comply. Be sure to check fixture height and shielding to ensure that direct light is confined to your property.

Friendly night sky lighting also provides the following benefits:

  • Supports healthier wildlife behavior and habitat.
  • Reduces unsafe glare.
  • Promotes energy conservation.
  • Offers a more even distribution of light.
  • Promotes the local astrotourism and recreation economy.
  • Helps maintain North Fork Park's dark sky certification.
  • Saves you money

Protection of the night sky can be easily achieved by following these simple principles:

  • Direct all lighting downward.
  • Position lighting devices and shielding to avoid overspill onto adjacent properties.
  • Illuminate out of necessity. Try to avoid illumination for aesthetics whenever possible.
  • Purchase bulbs that are rated at a color temperature 3000 Kelvin or less. This is marked on all bulb packaging.


More information about the Ogden Valley Outdoor Lighting Ordinance can be obtained by contacting:

Weber County Planning Division
2380 Washington Blvd Suite 240
Ogden, UT 84401

If you have existing lighting on your dwelling or business, ask a planner in the Weber County Planning Office about early modification incentives.

More information about dark sky lighting and ways you can help preserve the night sky can be obtained from the International DarkSky Association: https://www.darksky.org/