Nightly Rentals

Nightly Rentals

The county's GIS map will show you what properties are allowed to have nightly rentals. Once the map is open, turn on the “Planning Layer” on the Layer List on the top right of the page. Under “Planning Layers” turn on “Nightly Rentals”

Once the "Nightly Rentals" layer is turned on you can turn off the "Zoning" layer to get a clearer view of the nightly rentals layer.

Properties in the red designation are in a zone that does not allow nightly rentals.

Properties in the green designation (Destination resort zone or PRUD with nightly rental approvals) require a business license.

Properties in purple (FR-3 zone) require a business license and a conditional use permit.

Click here for the online business license application.

Click here for a copy of the conditional use permit application.

IMPORTANT: If your operation is done through AirBnB or VRBO, your tax information is collected through those companies. If you conduct a nightly rental without a third-party you must obtain a state tax ID NUMBER.