Weber County Tax Increase Fact Sheet

Commission | Posted 12-28-2023

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A modest tax increase of $2.93/month (7.25%) on an average home has been approved by the Weber County Commission. The increase aims to be proactive in ensuring the continued provision of essential public services and maintaining the well-being of our community. The County has not raised its general operations tax rate since 2016, despite years of escalating inflation and the rising tide of interest rates.

The County has faced difficulties in maintaining essential services and filling critical job vacancies. For example, as of November 1, 2023, 22% of frontline sheriff deputy positions were unfilled, creating potential issues of safety and well-being for residents. The public's investment is protected when capable, qualified employees are available to manage County operations.

Inflation and increased demands for services are factors beyond the County's control that pose a significant hurdle in sustaining the current service levels without additional resources. Examples:

The following is a breakdown of some of the services the County provides:

Weber County Library

The library is a learning platform that brings people together to teach and learn, meet new friends, reduce loneliness, and just have fun. Everyone is welcome, no credit card required. Library programs and services include public meeting rooms, art galleries and natural history exhibits, and recurring literature, language, art, exercise, and self-help classes.

By year end, the library will:

Weber-Morgan Health Department

The Health Department works to create healthy lifestyles for community residents. It offers WIC (a program for Women, Infants & Children), childhood immunizations, flu shots, cancer screening, food handler permits, birth and death certificates, and community and environmental health classes on topics such as healthy living, injury prevention and safety, suicide prevention, youth development, and teen health. Healthy aging programs, such as Tai Chi for Health, improve balance, flexibility, and posture, and can significantly reduce falls.

Weber County Culture, Parks, and Recreation

The Recreation Department provides a multitude of services and spaces for recreation and gatherings. Facilities are maintained, for example, to host adult softball; youth soccer and basketball leagues; archery and shooting ranges; and an ice sheet. County parks include:

The Golden Spike Event Center, Eccles Conference Center, and Egyptian Theater bring events and entertainment to the community that enrich our lives while providing a stream of visitors who pay tourism and sales taxes that lighten the load for local residents.

Weber County Roads Department

The Roads Department takes pride in seeing that the public can get from place to place whatever the reason or season. Whether it's plowing snow, repairing pot holes, or managing raging flood waters, the Roads Department is front and center working for County residents.

Utah State University - Weber County Extension

The County partners with USU Extension to provide research-based community education, resources, and programs in the areas of agriculture and natural resources; business and community; food, health, and wellness; home, finance, and relationships; and positive youth development, mentorship, and education.

Government Services

Finally, let's not forget the County surveyor, assessor, clerk/auditor, treasurer, and commissioners who provide the framework within which government services work for all of us.