Weber County's Fiscal Responsibility and the Need for a Modest Tax Increase

Commission | Posted 10-13-2023

Weber County has not raised its general operations tax rate since 2016. Our commitment to financial stability remains unwavering.  Due to increasing inflation and rising interest rates, we face challenges in maintaining critical services and filling vital job vacancies. The following outlines the need for a modest tax increase to address these challenges while reinforcing our financial management practices.

Fiscal Responsibility

The proposed tax increase aims to be proactive in ensuring the continued provision of essential public services and maintaining the well-being of our community. Our budgeting process involves thorough scrutiny, with every line item reviewed to guarantee it serves the best and highest purpose for the community.


Recruitment and retention of a dedicated workforce is essential. Competitive compensation is key to retaining employees who are vital to managing the County efficiently and effectively.

Weber County is currently grappling with a high vacancy rate. For example, 22% of frontline Sheriff deputy positions remain vacant. These and other vacancies encompass critical roles that are crucial for the efficient operation and safety of the County.

Rising Costs

We must ensure that essential services like public safety, infrastructure maintenance, and others are adequately funded.

Operating costs have increased across the country and state. This presents a challenge in maintaining the same level of service without additional resources.

Other inflationary factors, such as increasing fuel and materials prices and rising utility costs have increased the strain on our budget. These elements are beyond our control but necessitate a thoughtful response.

Modest Tax Increase

Considering these challenges, we propose a modest tax increase of $2.93 per month (7.25%) on an average home as a fiscally responsible solution. This adjustment in taxes will help bridge the gap, allowing us to continue providing critical services and support the needs of our workforce without causing a substantial financial burden on residents.

A public hearing for the tax increase will be held on November 28, 2023 at 6 p.m. in the Weber Center Commission Chambers, located on the first floor at 2380 Washington Boulevard, Ogden.