2021 Tax Relief Application

Are you a veteran who received a renewal post card in the mail? If so, please login to renew.
If not, please complete a new application.

2021 Tax Relief Application
Account ID
Password (If you are unable to log in please call 801-399-8400.)

Important Notes:
  • You can find the Account ID number and Password on the post card that was mailed to you.
    For Example:
  • This is for the Disabled Veteran tax relief program only. If you receive benefits from the Circuit Breaker, Blind or Abatement programs as well, you will need to submit a paper form to our office.
  • We need to confirm your information each year by September 1st to ensure you still qualify for the tax relief program and your details have not changed.
  • For tax relief amounts to show on your Tax Notice, confirm this information by September 1st.
  • For exemption on personal property (cars, trailers, etc.) please contact our office.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the Clerk/Auditor's Office at 801-399-8400.
  • Read Frequently Asked Questions and Tax Relief Program details here.