Weber Human Services Looks to Allocate Funds for Weber County Senior Centers and Services to Best Serve the Community

County | Posted 05-13-2024

Weber Human Services (WHS) will continue funding four full-time senior centers in Weber County, as well as provide one-time funds to the Riverdale Senior Center, while considering the transition next year to re-allocate funds towards three full-time senior centers that will better geographically serve seniors throughout the County.

Every year, Weber County provides 1.4 million dollars to WHS that go directly to County seniors. These services include Meals on Wheels, RIDE transportation service, Medicaid support for seniors to continue living at home, in-home care, caregiver support, counseling and more. These funds have also gone towards four full-time senior centers in North Ogden, Ogden, Roy and Washington Terrace. Because of prior negotiations, the funding has not been equitable among the four centers.

“Weber County continues to support senior centers with the same funding we have had for several decades. We do not plan on that financial support changing,” said Weber County Commissioner Chair Jim Harvey. “We look forward to cities working together to make sure those services continue moving forward.”

WHS will not be closing any senior centers nor reducing the amount of funds that go towards senior services. WHS is also considering providing transportation options to make it easier and more convenient for seniors to visit the center that will be closest to them.

“Weber Human Services cares deeply for our seniors and the services they receive,” said Weber Human Services Executive Director Kevin Eastman. “We want to ensure our seniors are being served geographically in the best way possible and are confident that we can serve the entire community with three centers.”

This year, the Riverdale Senior Center has requested funds from WHS although Riverdale City has been responsible for supporting its center internally. WHS has prioritized, budgeted and allocated its funds to the North Ogden, Ogden, Roy and Washington Terrace centers. To continue funding the four centers for the remainder of the year, WHS will provide one-time funds to the Riverdale Senior Center.