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Part Time with Retirement, Vacation and Sick Leave
Weber County, Utah

Job Description:


Under the limited guidance of a Senior, Professional, or Associate staff member, an Assistant Property Specialist performs the following types of entry level paraprofessional duties:

Building, grounds, equipment, and vehicle maintenance; transfer of materials and cash receipts among buildings; and other tasks of an entry level apprentice nature as required by individual library divisions.  Assignments in this position category are based upon general proficiencies and special skills such as the ability to drive or operate trucks, tractors, and other equipment, the ability to do preventative maintenance and conduct repairs.  Success in this category depends largely upon the ability to learn, adapt, work effectively with others, and assume responsibility.

Each employee must annually sign and successfully complete a results oriented performance plan, based upon the specific job duties for the position and upon the individual employee's performance needs.


Collection Management: Supports the system collection development plan and maintains order and appearance of library building and collections.

Fiscal Management: Maintains procedures to ensure that public funds are received, recorded, deposited, and expended in an acceptable and honest manner, participates in gathering input for the division budget, participates in ensuring fiscal accountability and participates in system fundraising activities.

Personnel Management: Contributes to the implementation of procedures to ensure appropriate and effective communication at all levels, participates in training opportunities for new employees, participates in the implementation of quantifiable performance standards to be used as criteria for evaluating performance of self and others, participates in solutions for dealing with problems associated with below standard performance of self and others, participates in recognizing outstanding work performance in the division, participates in helping employees focus work time upon activities which support agreed upon system and division goals and priorities, participates in documenting work performance, and maintains employee work schedules (paid and volunteer) to ensure adequate staffing and the best use of available resources.

Program Management: Supports library program management plan.

Property Management: Maintains standards for on-site operation of buildings and equipment and follows through with plans for maintaining the integrity of the library’s physical assets, participates in a library-specific risk management plan which ensures a safe environment for staff and customers, participates in maintaining procedures to protect library assets from theft, participates in an on-call schedule to cope with public needs or building related emergencies, participates in managing of storage areas where library surplus equipment, furniture, shelving, tools, parts, and supplies are stored to provide inventory control, maintains building management budgets, and maintains contracts to ensure that services are being provided according to the established terms and renews or renegotiates contracts when appropriate.

Public Service Management: Supports system public services management plan.

Technology Management: Supports a system technology development plan.


An Assistant Computer Specialist classification assumes a need for skills consistent with those which would be acquired in an entry level apprentice program such as plumbing, electrical wiring, carpentry, and welding.  Individuals with some practical work experience and post high school technical training in an area relevant to the work assignment are also eligible for employment in this category.

Job assignments will vary within each division according to need, but each employee will be expected to serve as support staff to Associate, Professional, and Senior staff following established rules and procedures, and including (at the top level) supervision of Technical staff.  Assistant Property Specialists may be hired for their high level custodial skills but they are also hired for their entry level apprentice skills such as building construction, repair, and maintenance; and equipment repair and maintenance.

Must be able to operate, troubleshoot, and provide basic preventative maintenance and repairs to library equipment (tractors, lawn mowers, cars, trucks, snowblowers, etc.). 

Must be able to follow Board policy and Library Administrative plans and procedures, take initiative, work extremely well with others, and accept responsibility for his/her own actions.


Must be able to work rotating shifts (seven days a week), flexible hours (morning, afternoon, and evening), and holiday hours when the library is open.  All Assistant Specialist staff will work a minimum of two evenings per week and will alternate weekend shifts with the other employees in their divisions.  They will also work holiday hours in equal proportion to those of other employees in their division.

Assistant Library Staff are not exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Under the guidelines of the law, they may be required to work extra hours to cover for those employees who may be on vacation, sick leave, etc.


While performing this job the employee is regularly required to lift up to twenty-five pounds, and occasionally up to seventy-five pounds.  Must remove parts and supplies from shelves at a maximum height of twelve feet; use hands to finger, handle, feel, or operate power tools and equipment and to operate vehicles; must balance on ladders and climb scaffolds, must reach with hands and arms.  Must be able to move about the area, talk with customers, and hear customer responses.  Must have excellent close vision and good distance vision, color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception, and ability to adjust focus. The employee is required to walk, sit, climb, balance, stoop, kneel, crouch, and crawl.


While performing the duties of this job, the employee regularly works in a library public service environment, business office environment, or shop environment.  May also work on library grounds, in library equipment rooms, and may occasionally be required to work in library crawl spaces, on roofs, or in similar maintenance environments.

Weber County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
To request an accommodation or for technical assistance please call us at 801-399-8623