Recorder Surveyor
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Open Until Filled
Employment Type:
Full Time with Benefits
2380 Washington Blvd, Ogden, Utah 84401

Job Description:

Under general supervision of the Weber County Surveyor or an administrative superior, performs routine and technical land surveying work.

Example of Duties:

Follows accepted and expected standards of practice governing the surveying profession as a whole and the policies of this department. Performs field and office assignments as directed by supervisors and/or the department director and performs supervisory duties including but not limited to the following:
Supervises and directs field personnel in the performance of surveying work. Coordinates the workload of the survey party with  supervisor(s), project supervisor(s), and/or the department head. Checks and approves all assignments completed by survey crew before they are submitted to the appropriate supervisor(s). Evaluate assigned subordinates to determine performance, eligibility for merit increases, and qualifications for promotion based upon direct observation, job knowledge, documented records, in consultation with appropriate supervisors and/or the department head. Coordinates assigned subordinates scheduling of vacation and sick leave, to ensure departmental goals and project commitments are achieved. Conducts safety training related to assigned tasks, projects, or duties assigned in accordance with the safety policies of OSHA, the County, and the Surveyor’s Office. Train, educate and motivate subordinates to increase their job knowledge, technical skills, functions of field process’ and procedures relating to, but not necessarily limited to, safety awareness and professional responsibilities and abilities appropriate to the duties assigned.  Manage, direct and supervise assigned projects with respect to field and/or office operations as related to the statutory function of the Surveyor’s Office or the general duties, projects, and responsibilities of the Surveyor’s Office which may include but is not limited to; monumentation projects, coordinate work, boundaries, profiles, topographical projects, cross-section work, construction surveys, and other work related or not related to the profession of surveying.
Prepares reports with respect to; completeness of calculations, field data shown on maps, and other field and/or office work performed by the assigned staff, as required.  To instruct assigned personnel in the functions of assigned field and office practices and procedures.Solves or advises supervisor(s) and/or project managers of technical problems as encountered and executes or suggests possible solutions. Follows accepted and expected standards of practice governing the profession as a whole and the policies of this department. Maintains a proper flow of communication among all necessary parties to ensure the timely and accurate completion of a project.  This includes daily reports to supervisors and/or project supervisors as directed. Calculates information needed to conduct surveys from survey data, including but not limited to, notes, blueprints, drawings (either hard copy or electronic), and other materials, data, and records as required. Keeps complete and accurate notes, records, and sketches of field and office work performed in conformance to departmental policies and/or project requirements. Ensure that complete and legible field survey information, notes, drawings, angles, distances, elevations, and calculations are accurately entered into field books, work sheets, printouts, data collectors or other means of preserving survey data or records. Implement the plans, goals, and directives of the County Surveyor. Under the direction of a superior, implement, perform, complete, and/or  supervise the preservation, maintenance, and monumentation of the vertical and horizontal monument control networks, development and maintenance of a county-wide benchmark system, establishment and/or reestablishment of horizontal and vertical positioning, and the collection of field data using tools of the profession including but not limited to; global positioning equipment, total stations, electronic levels, data collectors, two-way radios, cell phones, or other communication devices, computers, and hand-held calculators.
Implement, perform, complete and/or direct the establishment and/or reestablishment of survey monuments, repair of deteriorating monuments, and the referencing of monuments having potential of being destroyed in accordance with the policies and procedures of the County Surveyor’s Office. Under the direction of a superior, drafts and checks for accuracy and completeness of all descriptions, plats, and construction layouts to be surveyed. This may include but is not limited to; subdivision reviews, field surveys, monument re-establishment, and other projects as required. Under the direction of a superior, researches, drafts, and assembles abstracts of title for subdivision reviews, field surveys, monument re-establishment, and other projects as required. Conducts inventory of surveying equipment, materials and supplies and makes recommendations relating to survey equipment needs. Ensures that equipment is properly handled and maintained to ensure accurate and proper operation of the equipment and makes recommendations relating to outside professional equipment maintenance. Maintains vehicles in accordance with direction of superiors. Monitor and maintain needed survey supplies as directed.

Ensure that information transferred between field and office is complete, accurate, and compatible with project requirements. Review and approve field information prior to delivery to project manager(s). Communicate with survey office personnel, and others, as required, in the preparation and finalization of work requests. Implement department policies regarding the ongoing plan to preserve and maintain the integrity of the public survey monumentation and system and other survey systems as directed. Communicate with project managers, engineers, architects, inspectors, land owners, contractors, and land developers on survey matters, as directed or required by the project, project supervisors, supervisors, or the department head. Consult with, and responds to questions of the public, as related to this department and land survey issues in a manner consistent with department policy. Preform all assigned tasks to aid the Office of County Surveyor to meet statutory requirements, county ordinances, or other duties and obligation of the office.Performs other duties in the field and/or the office, as directed or required.


Education and Experience:

Education: High school graduation or equivalent GED mandatory. Working toward or graduation from a college or university with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in surveying or an Engineering, Construction Management, or other related science degree with courses which include surveying, drafting, and survey mathematics is preferred; or working toward or possessing a NSPS Certified Survey Technician certificate is preferred.

Experience One year of surveying experience with duties related to those of a field party chief. OR Two years of surveying experience with duties related to those of a surveying Rodman/Chainman or Survey Intern. OR Six years of drafting experience, Four of those with duties directly related to survey drafting. OR An equivalent combination of education and experience, may be substituted for any or all of the requirements above as approved by the  department director.

Knowledge: Knowledge of mathematics principles and practices and its application to surveying computations and the practical application of such. County standards, specifications, policies and procedures. Principles, methods and techniques of effective supervision and the training of personnel. Land surveying principles, techniques and laws which a position of this type would typically be required to know. Basic knowledge relating to field and office practices as detailed in the BLM Manual of Instructions for the Survey of the Public Lands of the United States current or past editions as applicable  Basic knowledge of Geodetic Surveying and State Plane Coordinate System as it related to the required tasks, projects, and procedures of a position of this type. Knowledge of computers, calculators, data collectors, and other electronic surveying equipment along with associated software, including but not limited to AutoCAD, word processors, spread sheets, and other survey related software. Knowledge of title abstract methods, and survey research procedures, applicable legal regulations, codes, standards, ordinances and policies. Knowledge of boundary, and construction surveying work.
Skills: Skill in the use of surveying instruments, related calculators, radios, computers and related computer software. Skill in the use of surveying tools or equipment to accomplish assigned projects or duties. Skill or knowledge relating to drafting and drafting processes commonly used in the profession. Use and operation of motor vehicles, ATV’s, and other equipment which may be utilized in projects or assignments.
Abilities: Ability to implement, and complete projects and duties in a timely and efficient manner. Ability to analyze survey work and make moderate to difficult technical computations.  Ability to draw maps or plats to scale using tools of the profession. Ability to establish productive relationships and to effectively work with supervisors, subordinates, county employees, other county departments, project managers, contractors, and the public to beneficially contribute to the efficient operation of the office. Ability to plan, assign, and supervise the work of subordinates. Ability to recognize and evaluate conditions which may result in minor changes in the design and /or specifications of assigned projects and alert or present these to supervisors for direction and/or resolve as directed. Ability to “self start” the work day, projects, and duties as assigned in a timely and efficient manner. Ability to “self start” a survey crew to complete assignments and duties in a timely and efficient manner.  Ability to exercise independent judgement to carry out assignments and operations.  Follow oral and/or written instructions, directives, assignments, policies, and procedures. Work efficiently, effectively and independently without constant supervision. Supervise and direct work assignments as required. Communicate surveying information to non-technically oriented people, as may be directed.  Ability to lift and construct survey monuments. 

Special Requirements:

Must possess a valid Utah drivers license and have a good driving record. The ability to efficiently operate the office vehicles in order to tow trailers and transport equipment typically utilized by the office. Knowledge of the proper procedures for the use and operation of GPS and Total Station surveying equipment is preferred. Must be available for work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if required. A State recognized All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)  certification or the ability to obtain one. The ability to see with or without corrective lenses so that precise and accurate use of surveying instrumentation is required.  

Physical Demands:

The work and environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions.

While performing the duties of this job, the employee will experience field and office conditions relating to the profession of surveying and the responsibilities of the County Surveyor’s Office. These conditions include regularly working in adverse weather conditions and an office environment. The employee frequently works near moving mechanical parts that may be related or not related to the profession of surveying. The employee is frequently exposed to wet and/or humid conditions, heat and cold, and traffic hazards. The employee works in or around high, precarious places, mountainous terrain as well as valley locations. Weber County is the primary area of work but the work may not be limited to the county. The County is a diverse environment and as such the employee will be exposed to and routinely work in environments relating to offices, farms, rural settings, urban settings, swamps, sloughs, wet lands, lakes, rivers, streams, flats, plains, meadows, forests, hills, mountains, steep and rocky terrain, and may be exposed to fumes or airborne particles, pollens, insects, snakes, mammals endogenous to the area both domestic and wild. The use of electronic equipment, projects which are near or around power lines, and electrical storms may pose the risk of electrical shock. Much of this work is performed on or near mountain or forest roads, local and county roads, state highways, interstate highways, railroads, airports, rivers, streams, cliffs and ledges as well as other indoor and outdoor conditions.

The employee is expected to be able and willing to perform the assigned duties, projects, and tasks necessary to accomplish the work and projects as assigned, which include but is not limited to repeated sitting, standing, walking, wading, hiking, carrying, lifting, packing, bending, climbing, scaling, jumping, running, throwing, grasping, reaching, pushing, pulling, balancing, writing, and typing, including the proper manipulation of tools of the profession.

Work Environment:

The noise level in the work environment ranges from quiet to loud. The employee is expected to use tools for constructing monuments or other survey work such as jack hammers, shovels, digging bars, post hole diggers, frost pins, hammers and other excavating tools in ground conditions that range from soft to hard, sand to asphalt. Intermittent exposure to stress as a result of human behavior or the natural environment may occur.

Weber County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
To request an accommodation or for technical assistance please call us at 801-399-8623